Easy debt consolidation loans -Real debt consolidation available instantly with us

Real debt consolidation available instantly with us

Consolidation gives the opportunity to combine both cash loans, installment loans, and mortgage loans. Banks offer two types of commitment: a standard consolidation loan and a mortgage consolidation loan. They differ mainly in the maximum amount of the liability, the loan period and the purpose of the loan.

Debt consolidation can be obtained via the Internet by applying online directly from this website https://dedebt.com/.

Standard consolidation loan

Under this term, there is an offer to combine non-residential financial liabilities and these can be:

  • installment loan
  • a cash loan
  • cash loan
  • car loan
  • debit on your credit card
  • debt on a savings and settlement account

The maximum amount of cash loan consolidation is usually up to PLN 150,000, it covers the client’s previous liabilities and additionally cash is obtained for any purpose. The repayment period is 7-10 years, i.e. similar to traditional loans and cash loans offered by banks. This type of liability is available in most banks that advertise with its attractive interest rate. The APRC, in this case, varies from about 9.5 to 25%, the final amount depending on the length of the loan period. Frequently banks offer consolidation loans via the Internet in such cases, which shortens the procedure for applying for a financial commitment. The decision to grant it is made within one day.

Housing consolidation loan

This type of obligation is intended primarily to repay your mortgage. It can, of course, be combined with other loans or loans. The amount of the obtained liability usually does not exceed 70-80% of the mortgage value, but there is also an opportunity to receive additional cash that can be spent for any purpose. The loan is repaid in monthly installments and can last up to 30 years. It is also characterized by a correspondingly lower interest rate.

You can combine a mortgage and other obligations.

These two options for debt consolidation can be voluntarily insured. Often, securing your loan is a protective umbrella for both the client and his family.

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